6 Really Good Carbs For Weight Loss

What Are The Good Carbs To Eat – And What Carbs Make You Fat And Sick? […]

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Are You A Victim Of Mindless Eating?

Do you feel like losing weight and especially losing harmful belly fat is an impossible task?

You may imagine giving up all the food types you love or having to run 6 miles every day.
After this hard thinking do you usually despair and go get a comforting cup of ice cream?
While filling up your cup do you grab […]

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Why Are Humans Earth Rulers?

Us humans, or Homo Sapiens, are the unchallenged rulers of Earth. […]

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Does Aspirin Help Prevent Cancer? Yes, says Aspirin Cancer Study

Can Daily Aspirin Prevent Cancer?

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Does Chemotherapy Increase Life Expectancy?

Cancer is not a disease.
Cancer is over 200 different types of diseases given a mutual name and regarded with fear by all. […]

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How Much Fiber Per Day Do You Need And Where To Get It?

Ask all nutritionists and dietitians and they will always have this advice:
“Eat More Fiber”.


Best Free Way To Cleanse Your Body Toxins – Autophagy Review

For more than two years I’ve been taking care of my body from within.

There are lots of supplements and products that promise you to cleanse your body toxins.
But there’s one sure scientific way to do that naturally by activating a super important cell cleaning process.
It’s called Autophagy and this is my Autophagy review.


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How To Use Coconut Oil For The Hair?

Coconut oil has a huge variety of health benefits.
That goes especially for organic extra virgin coconut oil,

You can use it for everything from cooking to moisturizing skin, teeth whitening, wounds cleaning and so much more.

However, we have found a very interesting article at “natural living ideas” website about 6 ways to use coconut oil for […]

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How to Protect Your Brain? Marijuana and Coffee!

Brain diseases are among the most troublesome problems for elderly people.

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This Is Why You Get Fat!

Think You’re Getting Fat Because You Eat Too Much? Think Again
For many years we have all been led to believe that the true cause of getting fat is calories.


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